Martial Arts Karate for Adults

Adult martial art classes are for male and female ages 12 and up. You Adult class in action.will learn effective self-defense and offensive techniques. The curriculum includes stretching, conditioning, blocking, striking, kicking, controlling an opponent and escape tactics. Master Tong's Martial Arts system focuses on proper technique for sharp crisp moves that develop maximum speed and power. We teach how to properly engage in a strong self-defense posture, fighting at different distances from the opponent, deflecting energy with effective body movement and blocking. Adult class in action.

Tong's Martial Arts for adults classes have teenagers up to any age. There is light sparring and no full-contact. You will enjoy the exercising while learning an invaluable life skill. People of all abilities are encouraged to train and do their best.

Our school in Shelby Twp., MI has Martial Arts Karate Classes for kids and adults.


Serving the area with Karate classes in Macomb, Utica, Clinton Township, Shelby Township, Washington, Romeo, Sterling Heights, and Warren, MI.