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About Master Tong’s Martial Arts

Master Tong, a seventh-degree black belt, is the Chief Instructor and owner who has been teaching Martial Arts in Macomb county Michigan for over 30 years. Master Tong’s Martial Arts (Hup Kwon Do) incorporate 

Master_Ken_Tongtechniques from Chinese, Korean and Japanese martial arts into a practical self-defense system that’s easy to learn. Hup Kwon Do teaches students how to effectively defend themselves in any situation. Master Tong has extensive martial arts training in many disciplines. He has been training for over 35 years and continues to train today. Master Tong is also a successful business owner and has operated martial art schools for close to 3 decades. His passion for instructing is very visible in his high-energy classes. He also has black belt instructors and junior instructors who have trained under him for many years teaching and assisting classes.

Master Tong’s philosophy in teaching martial art is that students learn best when they are having fun and are enjoying the activities in class. Finding creative ways to teach techniques and self-defense concepts is his top priority. Although repetition is so important to improve technical skills, it can be done in many different ways. So the classes are never quite the same. Training 2 to 3 times per week will not become tedious and boring. Rather the students are excited each class in practicing the numerous drills designed to instill power, speed, and practicality.


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